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Artistic Glass Studio - Edgewater, B.C.

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Artistic Glass Studio

The Artistic Glass Studio located in Edgewater, BC Canada. We specialize in stained and fused glass, art glass - making everything jewellery and bird bath to beautiful hanging pictures framed in weathered barn wood. We also create and produce custom fused glass windows.

Phone: 250-347-6967
Web Site: www.glassartstudio.ca

Sharon Kamphuis's Artistic Glass Studio and Gift Shop offers an impressive selection of fused and stained glass, art glass, jewellery and related art work. From large stained glass pictures to small glass ornaments, bird baths to jewellery, there is something for every occasion and taste.

Surrounded by the the breath taking beauty of the area, there is no shortage of inspiration to draw from and Sharon takes full advantage of this in her work. Every piece of art is painstakingly designed and made by Sharon in her studio. Sharon Kamphuis is gaining a reputation as being one of the more prolific artists in the Columbia Valley and her work is receiving wider acclaim with each passing season.

"Some people come into the gift shop and just stand there and stare at my work". Fusing glass is done by heating pieces of glass in a kiln at extremely high temperatures - from 1300 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Her designs come from around the world. Last year she spotted a unique design on a T-Shirt while vacationing in Rio De Janeiro. She photocopied the shirt and is currently in the process of creating it on a beautiful blue glass panel.


Fused Glass

Phone: 250-347-6967
Web Site: www.glassartstudio.ca