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Bean Bag Coffee Roasters - Golden, BC

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Beanbag Coffee Roasters

We, at Bean Bag Coffee Roasters, are constantly striving to provide you, the customer, with the perfect cup. There are many variables to each cup: from the complex world weather patterns, which give distinct flavours to each bean, to the fiery roasting transformations which reveal the numerous possibilities of flavours within.

Phone: 1-250-344-6363
Web Site: BeanbagCoffee.ca
E-Mail: info@beanbagcoffee.ca

We believe that by taking all these variables into account, we have, and will continue to, develop interesting blends to suit each individual's taste. From the richness of the Indian Monsooned Malabar to the dark organic French roasts, we will persist in creating new and exciting blends.

You will often find our qualified roastmasters scrutinizing over our precious selection of beans, watching for the colour changes and the distinct cracks of the beans which expose the perfect roast. Bean Bag Coffee Roasters is nestled in the scenic Rocky Mountain Trench, a long deep valley between the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges in eastern BC, in the town of Golden, BC. The town is only about a 3 hour drive from Calgary, AB.


Beanbag Coffee Roasters    
321, 9th Ave N Phone: (250) 344-6363
Golden, B.C. Fax: (250) 344-2481
V0A 1M0, Canada E-Mail: info@beanbagcoffee.ca
  Web Site: BeanbagCoffee.ca